Migrating My Blog to a Self-Hosted Server

If you are receiving this post over e-mail, congratulations! That means your e-mail subscription has successfully survived my migration from WordPress.com to self-hosting. My apologies for the lack of posts since the day my blog migration began about a week ago. Aside from various tech-related challenges, I have been consumed by final exams and final projects in college. Classes end on Tuesday and this is by far the most hectic time of any semester. I can’t thank you enough for your patience during the transition.

Just to reiterate, if my new blog layout does not open in your browser, you may need to take a few steps in order to get it to display properly.

  1. Clear your cache and cookies.
  2. Make sure the URL reads “http” and NOT “https”
  3. Try clicking this link directly. http://therockysafari.com

The first and second steps alone should be enough to resolve any issues you may still be having at this point in time. I am hoping Google corrects my organic search links soon because the “https://” no longer works and that happens to be what Google currently lists my posts under in search results. With time and some action on my end, this too should be corrected.

My Seven Step Guide to Migrating a Blog can be accessed here free of charge.

Migrating a blog from one server to another can be a complicated process. I decided to produce a resource to provide guidance to anyone looking to do something similar to what I did. Going through a migration blindly is not fun so it is my hope that this Seven Day Guide to Migrating a Blog will make the process a little bit less stressful. It took me exactly seven days to move my blog from WordPress.com to Bluehost spending just a few hours working on it each day. If you follow this guide closely, you might even be able to do it quicker! 🙂

(The alternative is paying $120.00 for a WordPress.com Guided Transfer.)


  1. I am so happy to receive this. After (or probably during) your moving over I received my usual email from your blog, but when I clicked to open it, I received a message that this was a private blog and I would have to obtain permission to view. I thought I would wait a bit to see what happens. And this happened! Glad all this migration and the exams are over for you. Enjoy your holidays, Rocky.

    1. Rocky Safari

      Ahh, yes, I had to make the WordPress.com content private and for a short period of time, my URL was still pointing there. You must have clicked on a link during that window. Sorry for any confusion! Anyway, I’m glad you got here and I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out! 🙂

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