Live Blogging: My Day Today!

As a part of an assignment for my Creative Blogging class, I will be updating this post every hour with a snapshot of what I’m up to. I’ll aim to post it on-time although that may or may not be possible. We’ll see how this goes!

8:00 AM

Photo Nov 14, 11 52 09 AM

Much like the people in my sociology lecture, at 8AM I was asleep.
(Ok, I suppose this entry isn’t exactly “live” 😉 )

9:00 AM

Right now, I am eating grapes.

10:00 AM

Photo Nov 14, 11 10 47 AM

I’m getting ready for Sociology Recitation to begin! I got a 100 on my quiz last week! 🙂 I hope I do well on our quiz today too. I stayed up pretty late last night trying to read the chapter so I’d be prepared for class today.

11:00 AM

Photo Nov 14, 11 46 43 AM

I spy the producer of Good Morning America! She must have been a guest speaker in the lecture before mine.

12:00 PM

Time for my Sociology lecture! We’re learning about social stratification today.

1:00 PM


Heading home! 😀 Can’t wait to get lunch with my friend. Haven’t seen her in forever!

2:00 PM

Sorry, I can’t write too much right now but that’s because I’m eating with my friend! 🙂 PS: the dining hall food is weird again.

3:00 PM

 We finished our meal and now we’re catching up!

4:00 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 4.15.55 PM

Oh man, I almost forgot that I have to attend another chemistry recitation today so I can re-take the quiz and possibly improve my score for this week!

5:00 PM

Photo Nov 14, 5 44 27 PM

On my way to a Delta Lambda Phi weekly chapter meeting!

6:00 PM

~ Delta Lambda Phi Chapter Meeting in progress ~

7:00 PM

Photo Nov 14, 7 46 50 PM

Haha on my way home and there’s BARELY ANYONE HERE. Guess it’s too cold out… :(.

8:00 PM

Working on my homework for Abnormal Psychology as I eat a Poptart.

9:00 PM

Rocky is showering.

10:00 PM

Photo Nov 15, 1 07 31 AM

Yay biology!

11:00 PM

Photo Nov 15, 1 07 31 AM

Yay more biology!

11:59 PM

 Photo Nov 15, 1 11 25 AM

THE STRUGGLE OF THE 3S’s. To study, shave, or sleep. Too tired to decide.

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  1. Aw, this was great! The first picture is golden. Your last picture looks like the first picture! Hahaha! You should shave and sleep. Decisions decisions.

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