Blog Menu Update

Hello everyone! 🙂

Just a quick update. I updated my menu so it should be easier to navigate my blog now. As always, the Daily Post Challenge section includes everything from Daily Prompt posts to the Weekly Photo Challenges. My Strangest Stories includes my weird posts along with a new Creative Blogging section for content that is specific to the course I’m taking at Rutgers this semester. Lastly, Additional Topics is a branch for more specific posts like things that pertain to Rutgers, the MBTI and INFJs, the Gay & LGBT community, photography, so on and so forth.

I hope this makes it even easier for you to find the posts you’re most interested in. As always, you can search for a keyword if you’re looking for something specific.

Also, I’m still open to new ideas!
You can send a suggestion, a thought, or a simple hello! 🙂


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