Interesting Social Experiment with a Gay Couple

Check out this video I came across online. I’m absolutely stunned by how different the reactions are from one person to another. Though, not surprised. In this clip, some people go on and on about the Bible while others recognize the discrimination taking place behind all the homophobia and get visibly upset about it.

It seems like it’s the younger folks in this clip who are comfortable standing up for the gay couple which is a positive sign for the future. But the reactions from the older folks. Very unsettling. Especially the two women towards the end of the clip. They seemed so set in their beliefs – like nothing could ever change their mind.

That makes me kind of sad.. 🙁

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  1. I agree – it is really upsetting that people still have such narrow minded views but to see those two guys stick up for them so passionately, genuinely brought a tear of happiness to my eye. Thankfully, that’s the future!

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