Daily Prompt: Good Fences?

“Who are your neighbors? Are you friends with them, barely say hi, or avoid them altogether? Tell us a story — real or invented — about the people on the other side of your wall (or street, or farm, or… you get the point).” –The Daily Post

Back at home, I have an interesting relationship with all of my neighbors.

The people across the street from us are ALWAYS OUTSIDE.
I wrote about them in my post: Why Are My Neighbors Always Outside?

I don’t really talk to the neighbors on the right.
That’s why this summer, at the age of 18, I decided to write: Introducing Myself to My Neighbors 18 Years Later

We have (or had) a pretty good relationship with the neighbors to the left but after what I did over Winter Break, I’m so sure they like me anymore. See “Om Namah Shivaya!” Blasting Throughout Our House.