Could There Still Be Hope?

In December, you may remember reading about my crush on a guy my one friend introduced me to. I was excited to have finally found someone who I saw boyfriend-potential in but my dreams started to fade when I stopped to look at my calendar and saw a potential problem- the semester was over.

We had only talked that one night for an hour or two and I wasn’t sure when/if I’d ever see him again. I couldn’t let him slip away like that. Our one month break could be just enough time for him to entirely forget about my existence. Plus, with each passing day, it would be harder and harder to re-establish any sort of connection without it being kind of awkward.  

I had to at least TRY to keep us talking by doing something. My logic was that if I made my feelings clear and he liked me back, then the decision to step up would have been totally worth it. If he didn’t, at least I wouldn’t have to play the “what if” game.

Photo Dec 16, 12 15 39 PM
The Happy Holidays card I sent to the guy I like.

I wrote a quick little holiday note. I was very careful to make sure it came across as NICE and not creepy or stalkerish. I mentioned how I enjoyed talking to him, gave him my number, and off in the mail it went.

The card was sent to his on-campus mailbox Monday morning and he went home for winter break Wednesday morning. I’m disappointed to say that as of today, I still haven’t heard back from him. But all hope is not lost! There are a few possibilities.

If he did get the card in December and never responded, then he isn’t interested. Ok fine.

But what if the card wasn’t delivered to him in time? I know it’s on-campus but two days isn’t much time at all! Or perhaps he was so focused on finals and going home that he forgot to grab his mail before leaving? Maybe the post office will send him a mail reminder and he’ll pick up the letter now that classes are back in session?

Even if he doesn’t like me back, fine, I’ll be disappointed but I want to know! I don’t like being clueless. 🙁

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    1. Not entirely sure. Any suggestions? I don’t want to FB message him and seem stalkerish… I’m hoping he reaches out to me sometime this week. If he doesn’t, I’ll either ask a mutual friend to find out for me or I’ll assume he’s not interested and try to move on 🙁

  1. So how did it go? Didn’t realise this post was written almost two years ago though so maybe you won’t notice. I hope well. In any way.
    I came here via your post on hanahuda cards (’cause it was tagged Japanese) and I really liked the photos by the way.

    1. Haha not so good. Never got a response from him and I don’t know if it was ever received actually. I would assume it was. But maybe something went wrong with its delivery? Whatever. Like you mentioned, this was 2 years and I’ve come a long way since then. I’m dating a guy from Spain right now and I like him very much. Feel free to check out my recent posts about him if you’re curious!! And I’m glad you liked the hanafuda cards. 🙂

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