I filled out an application on December 6th to possibly get funding for attending an interdisciplinary congress on women in Hyderabad, India. If selected as one of the 4-6 students, they will cover almost all of the expenses for the trip in August of 2014!

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Anyway, the 6th was the last day to turn in an application. I filled mine out in the morning, went to my last recitation class, and then met up with my other friend who is applying. Together, we had to explore the Rutgers Douglass campus which we aren’t all that familiar with and searched for the Women and Gender Studies Department.


Well, we found the office (AKA HOUSE) and went inside. We took an elevator up one floor and approached the secretary sitting at the front desk.

She looks at the two of us, head tilted to the side, and says, “Oh how wonderful! Why didn’t you just come at five o’clock?” and she gives me this death stare with the most forced smile I have ever seen!

I looked at her, clearly understanding she was annoyed with how “late” we showed up but played dumb and said, “Sorry about that! Wait, what’s at 5:00???”

In this obnoxiously fake tone, she responds, “We close!” as if the building’s hours should have been common knowledge to me.

FYI: The application website said to turn it in by the 6th but did NOT have any time specified anywhere on it. Thank goodness we didn’t come at 7:00 PM LIKE WE WERE PLANNING TO!

She was so annoyed that she had to give our papers to the Committee. Mind you, this building is SMALL and the committee is probably INSIDE of it.

Did I mention it was 4:15 and the building closes at 5:00. This lady still had another 45 minutes to go so I don’t see what the problem was.

How much effort does it take to put 6 sheets of paper into a folder? And if this committee IS located someplace else, AGAIN, how much effort does it take to SCAN 6 sheets of paper?

If she can’t handle a few sheets of paper and doesn’t want to try being friendly with students, I’m not sure she’s qualified to be working at this university. I can tolerate A LOT but I start to struggle with people who are flat out mean.


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