A little known fact in my family is that my grandmother has a SLIGHT obsession with QVC.

From what my parents tell me, there was a point in her life where UPS trucks were delivering products to her house on a daily basis. Now, she recently purchased a Nook HD+ (no, not the Nook HD… the HD+). Why? I couldn’t tell you. She doesn’t know how to use technology at all and she doesn’t read much either.

When my Dad told me she needed me to come over and teach her how to use it, I looked at him and said, “Can you please ask her why she bought it? What is she going to do with a Nook tablet!?”

Her response: “Watch TV on it. Get apps. You know,”

LET’S BE REAL. She doesn’t leave the house much and SHE HAS A GIANT FLAT SCREEN TV. Why would you ever choose to watch TV on a small tablet when you have a giant PLASMA?

Well, I went to her house and as I walked in the door with my sister, I nudged her shoulder. I whispered, “Look at the TV”. Guess what was on! You got it – QVC.

So I sit down at the table and she uncovers the Nook from the pile of packages that have arrived since when she got the Nook last week. She pulls it out. I say, “Ok, let’s start by getting you a few cook book apps.” and so I open the app store. I click on the top search bar and as the digital key board opens, so does the list of recent searches.

There was only one searched phrase in the history. The three letter word: QVC.

I put the Nook down and looked at my sister. We asked our grandma if she wanted the QVC app. She said yes, of course.

She wanted a Nook so she could click “Buy” as she watches QVC to save the time of picking up the phone to place orders.

Oh my god.

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