That Looks Vegetarian-Friendly…

That Looks Vegetarian-Friendly...

While having lunch at Rutgers in one of the dining halls, I asked the cafeteria worker for a veggie burger and so that’s what I got! (Except she also put a grilled chicken breast on it…)

I was so confused but didn’t feel like questioning it since there was a line behind me. Doesn’t putting chicken on it defeat the purpose of getting the veggie burger to begin with?


Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

“Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?” –The Daily Post I guess I’m funny? To an extent? I think I’m only like that with people I’m really comfortable …

Time For New Slippers?

Time For New Slippers?

Someone please help!!! I opened my closet and found these. OPINIONS NEEDED – can I get one more season???

Hahahahaha. I’m actually laughing at the fact that I wore these to the point that they got THAT bad. SO EMBARRASSED.