My Third Prom


The expression “third time’s the charm” has proven to be true as my third and final prom proved to be the craziest one yet! Don’t get me wrong- every prom I went to was spectacular BUT I think this prom was the most enjoyable. My prom involved too much drama for it to take the title of first place. Prom #2 and Prom #3 were about equal in level of enjoyment but Prom #3 distinguished itself because I got to meet tons of new people (I only knew my date going into it), I danced A LOT more, and four of my date’s friends even formed a Rocky fan club which I found really funny. 

The food at Prom #2 was much better than this at this prom. The chicken was great. The pasta, not so much. Everything else was just ok.

I loved this prom’s cocktail hour the best. The rooms at the venue were the nicest. They had a huge dance floor and almost everyone was dancing. THESE KIDS GOT SO INTO IT. You could feel the energy from tables away. If you couldn’t feel it, then you could at least see it because the dance floor was literally bouncing off the ground. I’m not sure how that’s possible… but it was. 


If I had to pick one bad thing about this prom, I’d probably say it was the limo ride to the venue itself because the radio wasn’t working so we had no music, there wasn’t enough room in the limo for everyone so one person had to sit on the floor, we got stuck in some traffic, oh, and we had no air conditioning. Yeah… 

Other than that, this prom rocked! I am SO HAPPY I was able to go to it. It’s sad to think that all of my proms are over now. But hey, at least I got my money’s worth out of the tux… 

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