My Second Prom

DSC08089Last Thursday was my second prom. I got to spend the night with the same people I grew up with all the way from kindergarten to the eighth grade. It was wonderful seeing everyone again!

We took one of those limo party buses which was pretty cool! Unfortunately, we missed cocktail hour due to traffic. Oh well. I managed to grab one of the last mini hot dogs before they took the tray away. That hot dog was my cocktail hour.

Unlike my high school’s prom, this prom was not done buffet style. It was a sit down which I liked much better (even though it meant less food). The sweets were superb. DSC08133

Overall, I think I had a better time at this prom.

I got to see old friends. I didn’t care as much about what people thought of me. I danced a lot more. Plus, there was less drama involved. At my own prom, my closest girl friend and guy friend were both mad at me because I didn’t go to prom with either of them. With this prom, none of that was an issue.

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