Rant on Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake

What is up with people nowadays? America went CRAZY over Gangnam Style. The Korean song hit number one on the iTunes top ten song list and its music video made it to the top of YouTube too! I don’t get it. I never saw the humor in it. Ok, so he does a wear dance move? ~ and? Has it honestly never been done before in all of the history of mankind? And then he says words that most people don’t even understand. I know people who swear the words to the song are… mmm never mind. Regardless, the song became a pop phenomena across the US for whatever reason. I just moved on with my life. Not everyone is supposed to like everything that becomes popular, I suppose.

The part that drives me crazy is the fact that it is happening AGAIN! The next big thing is The Harlem Shake. Oh my god, someone PLEASE, how/why is this dance so funny!?!? Ok so everyone is standing still for the first few seconds except for one person who typically humps the air (haha?) and then everyone all at once begins doing random dance moves. I DON’T GET HOW IT’S FUNNY…… Like to do it in person, that’s one thing. Ok fine. But to sit at a computer watching Harlem Shake videos one after another, HOW IS THAT ENTERTAINING?

I PROMISE I’m not a boring person. I appreciate viral videos and whatnot. I laugh at EVERYTHING (or so I thought) but there’s just something about these two videos that I don’t understand.

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